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What does my skin say after this third week of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)?


Real Talk!, the blog for the Aesthetic Medicine Institute of Miami (AMIM), is back for your weekly fill of all topics healthy and beautiful!  If you noticed, we have been going back and forth with several different names to get it just right, and we wanted it to be the scientific term that encompasses both Premiere Aesthetic Microneedling and AMIM Micro-Rejuvenation.  So here you have it, hot off the presses and released directly to you!

AMIM founder/physician Anna Sottile, MD, is here to demystify the beauty/health truths that you may have regarding the subject of aesthetic medicine!  Setting apart all the facts that matter, she educates you the community and addresses all your health and beauty concerns one week at a time. 

In summary, this is the third installment of four, the AMIM Team has put their own skin under the microneedle.  The AMIM staff after being in the patient chair puts their very own observations and reactions on how their skin has received this preventative skin treatment.   Consecutive week three expectations:  has the skin been feeling alive?  How big, if any, of a difference has there been since the first and second sessions?  Since the skin has been seasoned under three treatments, they must have experienced SOME pain?  Time to find out…

Preventative beauty is the name of the game, we have been comfortable experiencing unbiased confessions first hand, no need to stop now!  The collected unbiased confessions of our staffers are put from pen to paper, or in this day and age, computer to web page.  All accounts have been unedited regarding this in-house procedure, so believe what is written as we delve into our 2nd to last treatment before the completion of the series!

The thing to remember about Collagen Induction Therapy:  regardless of age, skin type, and skin tone, CIT is absolutely safe for everyone!  

A reason we highlight its superior technique is that it IS extremely less invasive, producing the highest amount of stimulation with the least amount of trauma.

Week Three

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Replicated on the entire AMIM team was the uniform process from both weeks one and two, but we can’t stress enough that dependent on the skin, CIT is tailored to the individual person.  Due to their different experience, the views vary, but all three staffers had the same prep and parameters listed below.

The expert physician fitted the pen with the appropriately chosen bayonet number (microneedles size), suitably dependent on the skin of the individual.  Before pictures taken only with clean, product/make-up free faces. 

Prep Steps:

  1. Rose Water Cleaning

  2. Accurate Photography

Process Steps:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid

  2. Oscillation 0, work up to 1

  3. Stroking of the pen, following the natural curves of the face

After Steps:

  1. Goal to achieve overall pink uniformity

  2. Follow up with products: Vitamin C Cream and sealed with Liquid Silk

AMIM Staff Bios:

Liz Title: Office Manager Age: 31 Skin Type: Sensitive Skin Color: Medium Believer: Hesitant until proven, then loyal “This week I had a breakthrough in my skin, as if it’s speaking to me and I'm listening to it! My skin is starting to really repair itself, and the years of sun damage I have accumulated, all thanks to the microneedling and the new collagen that is being formed. Because of the repair process that’s currently happening, my skin is a little more dry than usual. So I’m giving it the attention and hydration it deserves with Dr. Anna’s recommended Vitamin C Cream. I can literally feel my skin drinking in the cream. It’s amazing after only a few weeks, the difference in not only appearance but how my skin feels.  I wish this is something I had started sooner, especially living in Florida and loving the outdoors. For years I believed that reversing sun damage to my skin would be an expensive process that would be out of my price range. Now that I know that microneedling is not only a natural healer for my skin and collagen growth, but to know I can maintain the results within my budget this will be added to my recurring beauty routine just as I maintain my hair and nails, I will be doing the same for my face and skin health.  The other breakthrough this week: my scars are improving right before my eyes! I never imagined that microneedling would improve the appearance of childhood scars on my knees, and it has greatly! I can’t wait to see the final results and show off my newly rejuvenated skin and disappearing scars!” Sydney Title: Marketing & Social Media Manager Age: 23 Skin Type: Sensitive & Acne Prone Skin Special: Dermatitis Skin Color: Light Believer: Skeptical until proven with results Unfortunately my skin is still breaking out and irritated. After the treatment, my skin looks about 50% better than it did before as far as irritation, texture and even redness! To me, that is crazy that this treatment actually immediately makes the skin less red, irritated and more even than before. I never thought that would be the case for this treatment. I am hoping to do more treatments once my skin gets back to normal!” Rosette Title: Content Director Age: 46 Skin Type: Normal/Combination Skin Special: Asian Skin Color: Tan Believer: Skeptical, bordering on Non-Believer “This was the week, Dr. Anna had asked me how my skin was feeling this week, and I honestly replied my skin felt great!  So that my skin answer was the “yes” was the thumbs up to move to bayonet size 12.  I have to say, there was quite the difference with the needles.  It did not hurt per say, but of course the mild stroking combined with the constant motion did leave a prickly sensation on my face compared to the two weeks of a bayonet size 0. All compliments on my skin, and then the finalizing steps came in.  Tailored to each person, Dr. Anna asked if I would be home right away, but of course being a working woman in this modern age I flat out admitted no. Since it would be a couple of hours, my post product regime consisted of an added oil product.  Being a combination/normal skin it was not too oily on my face, and the product seeped in very well, which is a sign that my skin was also receiving well to the CIT.  Sequentially the Vitamin C cream was added into my newly treated face and of course the last step is that amazing Liquid Silk Serum that acts as a sealant, I can feel all the products locked into my skin.   After leaving the practice, quickly the four hours turned into six hours, the six turned to eight.  My preventative care was to reapply Vitamin C cream every hour after I got home, the problem was that I did not get home in the proposed time frame.  Perhaps I am posing the real dilemma as working women, everything seems to be a priority over ourselves: why did my warranted post care treatment not get the much needed attentiveness?  I should have had at least the Vitamin C cream in my bag, how did this escape my mind?  Why could I not follow my role being a patient and prioritize my patient status?   I intended to get home in four hours, but arrived eight hours later.  My skin felt like a mild sunburn, hard lesson this third week for sure.” To be concluded... See for yourselves next Friday we end the final week of Collagen Induction Therapy, will our faces own the Universal Glow?  Real Time, Real Life, Real Talk! Come visit AMIM, your source for all health and beauty!

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