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Men and women can get rid of unwanted fat without surgery! Coolsculpting is a powerful tool for reshaping your body by freezing fat, that your body then eliminates.


Fibroblast is a revolutionary NEW non-surgical procedure to treat sagging skin on the neck, around the eyes, lips, and other sensitive areas.


  • Injectables (neurotoxins & derma fillers)
  • Microneedling
  • Skin Care Line
A Philosophy of Personal Service

From the start, AMIM was designed to build a closer relationship between doctor and patient. We take a whole you approach to aesthetic medicine, working to understand your goals and building a roadmap to achieve them. So we take a boutique-style, concierge approach to aesthetic medicine. With AMIM you will have a single

point of contact, meet the same physician, and receive services by the same team every visit. We take personal service seriously.

Lead physician and author, Dr. Anna Sottile, is personally involved with every client—from initial consultation through every treatment.

Concierge Service

AMIM is designed to build a closer relationship between doctor and patient. We take a whole you approach to aesthetic medicine.

Physician Performed

All consultations and medical services are performed by a licensed physician – Doctor Anna Sottile. – not assistants.

Privacy & Respect

Discretion is ingrained in everything we do. So is respect for your time. We rarely have anyone in our waiting area.

About AMIM

Founder Dr. Anna Sottile, realized the differences between mainstream practitioners and aesthetics medicine practitioners. So she’s out to change it.
More From Dr. Anna Sottile

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Physician Performed

Lines & Wrinkles

Over time our skin submits to the effects of gravity, losing elasticity and having changes in volume. But we can do something about it!

Skin Care & Rejuvenation

Daily pressures—from sunshine, de-hydration, stress, and age—affect the health of your skin. We help return vitality and youthfulness to your skin.


That stubborn fat won’t budge? Coolsculpting is an FDA approved treatment for bulges in the torso, thighs, upper arms, neck, & jawline.

Skin Care & Rejuvenation

An exciting new treatment—inductive rejuvenation. The skin will heal and tighten to reduce sags & bags in sensitive areas of the face and neck.
A Healthy Respect
We emphasize respect a lot. We believe respecting your time, privacy, and financial considerations is important. Important enough to emphasize and to live and work by a higher standard.


We respect your TIME. Our waiting area is usually empty. We don’t do double bookings and we make sure you are in and out quickly by starting your appointment BEFORE you arrive. We can sometimes even accommodate after hours with advance notice.


We respect your PRIVACY. Discretion is ingrained into our business, our processes, and even our social media. Closed Office visits are available by appointment.


We respect your FINANCES. Cost is a factor for many people. Our various payment options, including payment plans, can show you how easily you can look your best and feel good about getting there.
Concierge Style Services
Our physicians—yes, real doctors—will go in-depth with your questions and concerns, explain every procedure you are considering, take a whole experience approach to helping you realize the best version of you. Our staff will discuss the various payment options available. We strongly believe in boutique-level, personal service from the first phone call.
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Aesthetic Medicine Institute of Miami works tirelessly to restore trust in the patient/client relationship in aesthetic medicine. Into AMIM Dr. Anna Sottile has instilled her vision of client-centric services for better overall health and rejuvenation services, in a safe, professional, and discreet manner.

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