“ By far the best results by our CoolSculpting® certified doctor”

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Get that stubborn fat to move on.

Non-surgical solution to solve trouble spots from the chin to the thighs.

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“ By far the best results by our CoolSculpting® certified doctor”

Coolsculpting (aka Cryolipolysis) is one of the wonders of Aesthetic Medicine. it allows us to reduce layers of fat in one or more "cycles". And the procedure can be as short as 35 minutes to a few hours. The combination of target low-temperature (?) and shaping pressure induce your body into slowy removing part of the fat deposit-permanently!

Men and women who exercise and maintain a healthy diet, but still can't lose stubborn bulges of fat (like "muffins tops" and "love handles") are the best beneficiaries of Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting works well on the torso(front and back), upper arms, thighs, neck, and chin. Aesthetic Medicine Institute of Miami is a certified Coolsculpting practice which has performed over 1,000 cycles. Multiple cycles may be performed in a one day session, and frequently only one session is necessary for long lasting results. Procedures take from one to eight hours (depending on number of cycles). The patient will have plenty of breaks. We can set up a workstation for those who are unrepentant workaholics. Most changes are noticeable within three months and are long lasting (as much as surgical liposuction). 

Coolsculpting procedures results in safe, effective, and permanent removal of fat in the target areas. Result vary by patient.




We cannot stress enough the importance of this step. We evaluate our prospective patient to determine if...

NOTE: AMIM is the ONLY center in South Florida where a dedicated physician personally performs every consultation and treatment.


a. You are in a good condition for this procedure.

b. The fat indeed is under the skin.

c. Calculate the number of cycles needed to achieve the desired result, by

taking precise measurements.

d. Once established, the number of cycles will determine time required and cost,(this is why we cannot estimate "costs" without an in-person consultation).


Affected body section is connected to the Coolsculpting device. Sometimes we use two machines to reduce time.

The treatment is painless and most patients watch a movie, use their smartphone or nap.


For up to three months your own body expels damage fat cells through your normal waste removal processes. You get to watch magic happen! 

When you return for your 30, 60 and 90 day follow-ups we will take pictures and compare results.

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With Kybella, smaller fat pads, like double chin, can be decreased with Kybella. That is why Kybella has been the hero of many success stories by helping chisel the upper neck line to the desired effect. Some off-label uses include fat pads bra fat. At AMIM we help our patients in discerning which treatment is going to be most effective for them, considering the location, size of the fat pad, and considering any safety, time and cost issues.