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A doctor’s decision to sustain healthier habits.

Updated: May 14, 2021

It was from this momentum that ultimately gave him the confidence to change his lifestyle! He is a health leader in the community, his triumph shows that absolute motivation comes from within...

Welcome back to the latest installment of stories featuring our stellar AMIM patients, this week we get the personal tale of Dr. Mark. A renowned doctor whose entire roots are in the health field, Dr. Mark active participation modified his behavior and made positive choices to his already active lifestyle.

Although his priority was always healthwise, at the time he was not bothered by his beer weight as his mind set was not there. As a doctor, he thoroughly checked out other options, but liked that CoolSculpting® was minimally invasive, and decided to give it a shot. Although he wanted to lose the fat, his goal was not to solely lose weight. Cryolipolysis was the catalyst to opt for overall self improvement and an optimum health track.

What other choice but to choose health, which is not only his profession, but the best investment in life! He wanted to capitalize on the external improvement and make sustainable options, one of those was taking alcohol completely out of his diet. Little changes combined with CoolSculpting®, which solely was the trigger to achieve his bigger goal. Dr. Mark was convinced what is needed is to come in with that lifestyle change: a determined plan already set in place!

Dr. Mark has been vegan for 20 years, lifts, runs every day and admits it is nice to see his abs again, and see no more stomach FOLD. With this combination of therapy, the Cryolipolysis that he is a firm believer in, it gave him the self-confidence to bring his health to the forefront, and he is more conscientious to maintain his results. It was about defining, making the physiology work for him--the changed appearance and accomplished weight loss was just the icing on the top!

AMIM is one with our stellar patients, thanks to Dr. Mark for sharing his journey. We admire his discernment and most of all taking the time with AMIM to relay his feature!

*The story is real, but the name is fictitious to ensure privacy of all AMIM clients.

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