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Originally I came in for Botox, but trustworthy AMIM presented by far a better resolution for myself

How important is TRUST with a doctor to a patient? As we continue to explore the true stories of our incredible patients, Jessica’s* patient to doctor relationship was founded, built, and continually based on TRUST. The journey of Jessica is best told directly from her, read on to discover why here at AMIM we think the world of our wonderful patients, as without them there is no AMIM!

AMIM: We love a beautiful story, and our intent is to deliver excellence, please bring everything to our attention! At the very beginning, how did you initially feel coming to the Aesthetic Medicine Institute of Miami? Honesty is best, any preconceived notions?

Jessica: I was already skeptical at the start, afraid I might do something I would regret, because in my past experiences I felt pressure. I knew I wanted to do something to improve my skin, but I was unsure of what was right for me. Since I also have melasma, it made me question myself, what can be done for me? I also knew that I did not want a Botox quick fix for my skin which is what was usually prescribed, even though it would only take 15 minutes. Many times confusion breeds conflict, but AMIM gave me clarity to clearly see how I envisioned my best possible skin.

From the day of my initial appointment as I walked through the door, I was already put at ease, Dr. Anna was listening to my needs right away! Because she was such a good listener, it melted away any hesitations I had about divulging any true concerns I have for my skin. I was excited that for the very first time my patient voice was heard by someone as if they genuinely cared for me. Contrary to my previous consultations and past assessments with other practices, AMIM was unlike any of these experiences. At AMIM I actually felt connected with the way Dr. Anna approaches women’s health, and what she believes beauty is,,,The conception of beauty is different at AMIM, but in a good way.

AMIM: So do tell, what it was that made you trust us? What was your turning point? How was the overall process?

Jessica: Since AMIM offers an initial complimentary consultation, that was already a better approach for me. I was accustomed to various experts prescribing what would be done to me with no explanation, and was used to being told what would be done to my skin without any input even though I know my skin. Instead Dr. Anna’s proposal was an organized idea presented as a series of four Collagen Induction Therapy treatments, but she stressed WHY it was important they are intermittently done once a week. It was an alternative option to what has been previously recommended for me, but by far the best option. Dr, Anna explained HOW CIT would be the foundation to not only improve, but healthily maintain my skin.

At the beginning when I was conflicted with numerous other treatments, and I still would have spent even more money. But for me this is my long term investment good for me, I was proposed something safe, affordable and produces effective results. CIT was my resolution that was going to give me the change I was in search of, and yet both sustainable to my needs and it was a low budget affectable solution. In the end I should have not been surprised that my proposed treatment was different, as my overall consultation was distinct as well.

Although I trusted Dr. Anna, initially I did not trust CIT would work on me, but it was her testimony of other patients that put me at ease. In the past I had been completely misinformed, that I could not have continuous CIT treatment with my skin, so I was glad to be educated, and it was presented in such an informative way! Dr. Anna’s attentiveness and honesty was genuine, she prescribed the best process for my individual needs, and wanted to wait to see the progress. This solidified that AMIM wanted to help me, and my skin situation.

AMIM: That truly means everything to us, as AMIM constantly gives what women really believe, and of course, want for themselves. AMIM is constantly trying to relate to women, getting inside their minds from an aesthetic point of view. On topic, what do you think women really want?

Jessica: We, as women want to be improved but not changed, restorative yet refreshed in our own skin. I am convinced women are beautiful as is, as we already possess and own beauty. We just have to continue to keep being at our maximum, and our best healthiest version of who we already are--that is how we age gracefully, as individuals women are already beautiful!

AMIM: AMIM always extends our listening ears, do share the BEST part(s) of your AMIM experience!

Jessica: Thanks to Dr, Anna for a great job, I cannot emphasize enough how happy I am with what she has done. She is responsible for changing a chip on my brain that I still can’t understand completely...The way she sees beauty is the same way I see beauty and life, especially at this stage of my life. I am grateful to find people so caring and professional: besides Dr. Anna being passionate about what she is doing, she gives aesthetics a medical sense. I like the process, and the progress as I continue with my ongoing CIT sessions, and am always looking for the best version of myself, and I really think Dr. Anna is aware of that.

As a skeptical patient, Dr. Anna being a good listener helped me rebuild my trust with a doctor. I originally thought I was coming in for Botox, but to my pleasant surprise came out by far a better treatment. Because CIT

was the best tailored fit for the needs of my skin, I came out with the win in that it was also more cost effective in the long run, CIT improved my melasma and delivered nice results, without adding extra irritation-- it is now my maintenance treatment! I was looking but not sure of what I was searching for, and interested to find something...but the good work found me. At AMIM I found my place, which feels like security, like home.

AMIM thanks Jessica for her generous words so we could craft your sincere story, and choosing AMIM. May you stay your exceptional self, as lovely on the inside, as out. Until your next appointment, XOXO AMIM

*The story is real, but the name is fictitious to ensure privacy of all AMIM clients.

Come visit AMIM, your source for all health and beauty!

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