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AMIM continues to spotlight our all star patients, this week we feature Kamla-Kay!

Multi-talented Model/Entrepreneur with multi-direction, chooses AMIM all the way!

What is Kamla-Kay not? Backed with an MBA she is a model, an author, a coach. But most of all she stays true to herself, a modern day woman!

A lovely local, we grab some of her precious time to ask her some questions:

AMIM: Congratulations, you are a newlywed...For your big day how did you prepare for your big day?

Kamla-Kay: Yes! Officially a newlywed for the past 13 weeks. Considering there were so many changes to our plans due to Covid, I knew that despite opting to do a much smaller [wedding] for the time-being, that I still wanted to have amazing photos to capture the moment. So aside from the typical of finding the dream dress, picking out a mini cake for the smaller guest size, we went all out with what would make for a great photo. That included going to Dr. Anna 8 weeks prior to the wedding to start my Collagen Induction Therapy treatments.

AMIM: Did you know how you wanted to prepare your skin for the big day?

Kamla-Kay: For the wedding, I honestly had not initially considered doing any skin treatments outside of a regular facial. I first started going to Dr. Anna for the non-invasive Collagen Induction Therapy treatments to get rid of some puffy fatty area that had collected under my eyes. As a professional model, I wanted to maintain my skin but without any invasive work. That is when after seeing the results of that treatment session in 2019, that I then decided to return in 2020 specifically for the wedding.

AMIM: Why do you choose AMIM for all your aesthetic needs?

Kamla-Kay: I love that Dr. Anna is keen on giving you results by trying minimal invasive treatments first versus automatically pushing someone to just do a service such as Botox or plastic surgery. She is also very passionate about approaching women’s self-esteem from a deeper level to encourage them to embrace their own beauty versus encouraging a false notion of Hollywood beauty being the ideal look.

AMIM: Why Collagen Induction therapy as your go to treatment?

Kamla-Kay: I am very focused on maintaining my own beauty and not altering the appearance of my face through chemicals or surgery. This specific treatment allows my skin to be rejuvenated yet remains true to my look.

AMIM: Why do you specifically go to Dr. Anna? How long have you been going to her? How is she different?

Kamla-Kay: I have been going to Dr. Anna for a little over a year. I met her at a women’s empowerment event and based on the varied answers that she gave to my questions, I could tell that she was genuine in her approach to this industry. She encourages me to realize that my “wrinkles” are actually just laugh lines and for that, we can laugh about changes to our bodies. I also appreciate that, unlike many successful doctors and wealthy individuals, that she is down to earth and talks about everyday issues that the average person would find of interest.

AMIM: In your industry, your appearance is everything, even more reason to stand behind your aesthetic concerns…You say that you stand behind no nudity, how hard is that in your industry to work against that norm? How can you tell girls that, in fact, this can be done in the industry?

Kamla-Kay: When I first started modeling, I was pressured by a photographer to take my shirt off for a shot. While he never saw my bare chest naked because of my arms that were folded across that area, it was a defining moment that made me realize that just because someone else tells me “it’s normal” or that “all models do this”, that this did not have to be my journey going forward.

Since that day, I made a decision to avoid bare chests with no covering and bare bottoms despite it being very common for many models to pose nude and to show their bare nipples without a shirt. It is also important to note that many aspiring models think this is the only way to get attention in the industry. In contrast, the majority of those aspiring models turn out to be best suited for commercial modeling versus fashion modeling. It is often a turn-off for big brands to see commercial models naked as that is not best suited for the brand’s family style marketing plans.

I have worked with major brands, traveled in and outside of the United States for modeling jobs, been in over 100 print and TV commercials all while never posing nude or being topless.

It is up to you to set your standards that you feel are best for you. Stick to your morals and values.

AMIM: As a model, you are a strong woman that stands behind your convictions, how can you tell young girls today how to stay true to themselves?

Kamla-Kay: For me personally, I am a Christian. While that does not mean I am perfect or that I will never make a career decision that I will later regret, it does mean that I hold myself to a standard of asking myself “would God be pleased?” So, since I am firm in my relationship with God, that helps me to understand greater what my gut, my God, is telling me, and then act accordingly. Find what works for you with your faith, your values and your morals. Also go with your gut versus the pressure to do what everyone else is doing. Refrain from worrying about losing a job because of your convictions. The right opportunities will fit what’s best for you. And never let someone tell you that an opportunity will bring your greater exposure to develop your career if you pose nude. It rarely ever does in the way that they promise.

AMIM: We love that you stand true to yourself, what are your projects that you are currently working on?

Kamla-Kay: I recently published my eBook “How to Become a Model” and that is now available for sale on my website

I am also a modeling coach for aspiring models of all ages (never too old to try modeling) so in that sense, aspiring models hire me to be their 1-1 private coach. In my Masterclass with them on “How to Become a Model” I teach them the ins and outs of the modeling industry, how to avoid scams, how to develop a quality portfolio tailored to their look and age etc.

I also help to manage social media accounts for clients who need help curating content for their Instagram wall feed and stories.

Between working with my modeling agencies for my typical TV commercial and print ad bookings, running my model coaching business and social media content creation projects, those have kept me occupied this season.

AMIM: Anything you want AMIM to bring attention to?

To connect more with Kamla-Kay, follow her on all the major social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube by searching her handle @KamlaKay.

For those interested in hiring Kamla-Kay as their modeling coach, feel free to contact her on her website,

Kamla-Kay is also available to model/promote your products and services and can also be contacted at her site or on social media for those bookings. She is well versed in doing TV commercials, print work for ads and social media photos for boutiques as well.

Beautiful both inside and out, Kamla-Kay embodies all the qualities of an AMIM woman! She is authentic, and is not only a model, but a ROLE model for all! AMIM is grateful to all our loyal clients, and we forever cherish our reciprocal relationships. In the near future, we not only look forward to growing with your aesthetic needs, but growing with you! XOXO, AMIM

For everything Kamla-Kay

Come visit AMIM, your source for all health and beauty!

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