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Just on Valentine’s time!

AMIM continues to showcase our exceptional patients, because without them, there is no AMIM! Just on Valentine’s time is the story of Tina and Peter, a complimentary couple that supports one another, through fit and thin. After all two heads are always better than one, and when it comes to this strong couple, there is really not one without the other!

Individual backstory, Tina works extremely hard in real estate. Her personality: ready to sign, ready to go. Peter his expertise is in Investments. His personality: laid back, and loves the gym. In sync, they are vibrant and urban empty nesters proud of their 2 adult children attending Boston Institutions, and remain involved in both their community and social networks.

Side by side both Tina and Peter are working parents, a power couple that does everything together right here in our Brickell community. Already they lead a physically active lifestyle, so consequently they are also in excellent health. Since the quarantine with its limitations and gym shut downs was when their challenge came, a little fat collection was inevitable due to the alterations in 2020.

As informed consumers it was important for them to find a practice that fit them: reputable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, informative and aligned with their belief that the function of health always be the freestanding message. So they did their initial research, and upon consultation was when they committed to CoolSculpting® as the right procedure to invest in themselves: so they can give back to their family, and to each other.

CoolSculpting® fit their needs because there is no downtime as they continually balance their busy schedules, no interference with work and home. Upon clear presentation results evident within 3 weeks are possible with a strict diet and exercise, this was the spark needed to return their physique back, if not better, from pre-quarantine!

Because they were relayed the overall technique all the way through, the simple explanation of freezing fat eliminated the problem areas for Tina and Peter. For Tina, now matter how much she worked out and stuck to her regimented diet, she could not define her waist. Although she obtained the hourglass shape, maintaining exercise is always part of her routine. Peter ate healthy while working out 6 times a week, but currently his love handles are permanently gone.

From the very beginning it was not an easy path for Tina and Peter, but unified they made the choice to completely support one another. Having the treatment done for the first time, it was all so new but what made them comfortable was how educated they were at every step of the process. Not only did it help navigate any bumps along the way, it solidified that they found the right practice to assist in steering what they always knew was their best health for themselves.

AMIM is proud of our exceptional patients that does not allow any hardships to deter them from setting out to accomplish their goals. We admire our Valentine’s couple who inspire us, that any obstacle no matter how hard can be overcome, as long as it can be done together.

*The story is real, but the name is fictitious to ensure privacy of all AMIM clients.

Come visit AMIM, your source for all health and beauty!

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