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We are back, second week AMIM Micro-Rejuvenation (AM).

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The AMIM Team has returned for the second week of its four part series regarding AMIM Micro-Rejuvenation (AM).  Just to recap, our very own staffers have become the patients and are revealing what they have uncovered along the way.  What to expect in week two:  does the treatment live up to the “rejuvenation” name?  Is there considerable improvement from the first week?  Is there pain now that the skin has been treated for the first time?

Here we find out directly from the AMIM team, since they are the ones who have collected all the beauty research and are going to give the information unfiltered and straight to you--the inside scoop on this preventative beauty in house treatment!

Our diversified AMIM team is in the patient chairs again and experiencing AMIM Micro-Rejuvenation, so read on and let their descriptions speak for itself!  All tales are: completely unedited, unbiased and true experiences directly from the staffers themselves!

Since the superior technique of AMIM Micro-Rejuvenation is extremely less invasive, it is absolutely safe for everyone!  Regardless of age, skin type, and skin tone, AM produces the highest amount of stimulation with the least amount of trauma.

Week two are you ready?

Similar to week one, the process of AM was uniform with the entire AMIM team, but dependent on the skin was tailored to the individual person.  Different views may vary due to their experience, but all three staffers had the same general process and steps outlined below.  Depending on the skin of the individual, the pen was fitted with the appropriate bayonet number (needles size) chosen by the expert physician.  Before pictures were taken only with clean faces, meaning individuals were product/make-up free. 

Steps of Prep:

  1. Rose Water Cleaning

  2. Accurate Photography

Steps of Process 

  1. Hyaluronic Acid

  2. Oscillation 0, work up to 1

  3. Stroking of the pen, following the natural curves of the face

Steps After 

  1. Goal to achieve overall pink uniformity

  2. Follow up with products: Vitamin C Cream and sealed with Liquid Silk

AMIM Staff Bios:


Title: Office Manager

Age: 31

Skin Type: Sensitive

Skin Color: Medium

Believer: Hesitant until proven, then loyal

“Before starting the micro needling process, I always felt that I took decent care of my skin. Now that we are in week two of microneedling, I can’t believe how much I have learned about my skin (Dr. Anna is my skin coach I never knew I needed). I have learned: I have much more sensitive skin than I realized, how thirsty or dry it is, and how I need to be treating it so much more better than I have been. Why do I protect the outer layer of my shoes I love so much more than my skin!? (more spf, more hydration please). I feel very lucky to have discovered this in my early 30’s, especially because I love being in the sun and outdoors so much. The micro needling is helping with the skin damage I have already caused, and made me so much more aware how I need to be generous every single day to my skin. 

Also! Microneedling the scars on my knees! I can’t believe how much the discoloration has improved already. Dr Anna’s expertise with knowing the anatomy of the human body and perfected technique truly delivers results like no other. I am already so happy with how much better it looks and it’s only week two :)”


Title: Content Director

Age: 46

Skin Type: Normal/Combination

Skin Special: Asian

Skin Color: Tan

Believer: Skeptical, bordering on Non-Believer

“This is the week that I felt the hyaluronic acid, goodbye dullness!   Not only could I feel it seep in (brrrr, cold) my skin was glistening and for the first time since my 20s it looked so dewey.  My inner curiosity question all week: due to my sensitive Asian skin was my bayonet going to increase to 1?  The rule in science: stick to playing safe, base it on 100% proven results, keep it nice and non-risky!  Tried and tested true Bayonet 0 was utilized again, but there was one difference to the technique: Dr. Anna applied slight compression.  First week my skin experienced the microneedling brush, but this second week my skin felt even more stimulated due to the consistent pressure of the pen.  Correct positioning is crucial to receive the best outcome, in every case the physician is to directly face the patient, not to come at any angles.  Also this helps prevent locking of the wrist, so the hand can constantly move with flowing strokes, movement that follows the natural contours of the face which eventually create the peak aftereffects: pink skin uniformity.   Something to note due to the normal overstimulation, it is common that the skin can trigger some temporary acne during the process. 

Conclusion for the second week:  I have gone routinely 5+ days without make-up and my skin thanks me every day since the treatment!  Make-up solely deposits into pores, and when not thoroughly cleaned out, only make the pores bigger.  I will be sure to record and take notes on the progress of my skin, how much longer can I keep a make-up free face?


Title: Marketing & Social Media Manager

Age: 23

Skin Type: Sensitive & Acne Prone

Skin Special: Dermatitis

Skin Color: Light

Believer: Skeptical until proven with results

“Going into week 2 of microneedling, I am noticing my skin turn more “normal” smooth and clear. I am also making changes such as wearing no makeup. I am excited to eventually be totally makeup free and confident!”

The environment of the room also plays a significant role, Dr. Anna provides attentiveness and undivided focus to the patient at all times creating a calming ambiance.  Optimum lighting should be bright as opposed to dim (which occurs often to simply create a mood) during the procedure.  Essentially the patient needs to be sitting up right, the angle of the chair does affect the positioning of the body.  Contrary to common beliefs, since gravity rushes to the face, microneedling like all aesthetic treatments is a medical practice that should not be performed on oneself.   Until next week…” Left in suspense regarding week three?  Third time around is the charm, look out for our beauty investigative reporting next Friday for the 3rd week in our series.  All truth all the time, we keep it real here at Real Talk! Come visit AMIM, your source for all health and beauty!

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