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The end of the Summer season is the best time to step back and assess your skin!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020


Time for a “Check-Skin” (Yup, a check-in for your skin!), for the same cost of a Latte a Day!  Your skin is worth it.

 What better time to see how your skin is doing than now?  The end of the Summer season is the best time to step back and assess your skin!  Just “Checking-Skin” as all Summer long the harshest rays are upon us, and is soon coming to a close...Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is actually a series of simple treatments, at specific intervals, that are valuable at undoing the cumulative effects of age and overexposure of the sun. It can reduce pore size, hyperpigmentation, as well as reducing the appearance of acne scars.  CIT is beneficial for both men & women, any skin color, all ages and skin types. 

Your skin reveals all: from damage to sunspots.  So what is better for prevention than our Collagen Induction TherapyCIT damage is minimum with the lowest level of insult, but the collagen stimulation results are maximum!  Once the correct layer is reached the pricks activates your body's natural healing process, rebuilding new elastin and collagen.  CIT technique works precisely with your individual concerns and unique skin anatomy for optimum results. 

So how is Collagen Induction Therapy better?  The broad range of benefits from CIT is that it builds new healthy skin, but also helps treatment for many other skin health issues:

Fine lines/wrinkles

Acne scars

Large pores

Stretch marks

Dull skin

Uneven texture, and more

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CIT is a preventative treatment recommended twice a year that refreshes your face--it is expertly performed by a physician, and keeps your skin looking its best for the same cost of a latte a day, your skin deserves it! The payoff of Collagen Induction Therapy is that your skin is easy and pleasant to maintain forever, isn’t that enhancement possibility endless?  Be the change you want to be, to see outside of you.  And outside of your skin. 

Might we suggest taking care of your skin, it will thank you for undoing the damage from the Summer season!  Take 25% off Collagen Induction Therapy with our September Special.  That is one free treatment, so what are you waiting for, why not treat yourself?

The AMIM Standard is Exceptional Results. Come visit AMIM, your source for all health and beauty!

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