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Fear of pain? Fear no more.

Minimum pain, maximum gain!

Aesthetic Medicine Institute of Miami is here to put your mind at ease!  At AMIM we understand pain is complicated, and our basis is to offer unique solutions for this issue.  We really care above and beyond, and want to comfort you by officially confirming entrance to the PAIN FREE ZONE!  

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Professionally speaking, when it comes to pain management, what makes AMIM the expert?   Better question to address, WHO at AMIM is the professional expert with solutions to pain management?  Anna Sottile, MD, has unparalleled training in pediatric anesthesia early and olderly from the best universities in the world, it has been the whole foundation for her medical background for over 30 years.  She has honed in on her skills as her expertise minimizes discomfort and tissue injury, with no room for error and producing exceptional results.  Adding up to 15 years plus sub specialty training, she went through not one, not two, but three postdoc trainings in pain management (one in Italy, one in Sweden, and one in the US at Harvard University).  “Pain management” is not a word in her world, it is what in this world she is made of…So yes, Mr. Pain stands no chance against Dr. Sottile!

AMIM founder Dr. Anna Sottile knows the ins and outs of the entire pain management process.  What is the order to physically and emotionally approach it?  She knows pain receptors: where they are, how to numb them down and how to NOT wake them up.  She knows how to create the minimum amount of trauma possible, that way you will hurt the least.  She knows to tell you, the patient, everything that she does, BEFORE she does it.  

Of course relaying information and explaining how it works decreases any anxiety that comes with pain.  Her pediatrics background has perfected her patience and permits only one chance for execution, allowing absolutely no mistakes on all procedures.  (We can not afford to induce any traumatic experiences on babies and children.) 

In all honesty it is important to raise awareness and disclose that some discomfort is expected with any medical procedure.  But we attest at AMIM there is no worsening or continuation of pain, like a mosquito bite the sting always goes down upon initial reaction.  Rest assured AMIM also makes our own topical anesthetic formulated with the highest standards by Dr. Anna Sottile for her patients.  In addition to effectively working fast within 5 minutes, this specially blended topical anesthetic is not only stronger than most, but collaborated together with one of the renowned compound pharmacists in the field.

Name of the game is pain?  With certainty you can come to AMIM more relaxed…Exclusively at AMIM: Minimum pain, maximum gain!

Come visit AMIM, your source for all health and beauty!

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