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believer or non-believer?

CIT is for every age group, every skin color, EVERYONE!

Collagen Induction Therapy Final week.

The Aesthetic Medicine Institute of Miami (AMIM) blog, Real Talk!, fulfills your weekly craving for all things related to beauty and health.  

Facts do matter, AMIM informs the community by discussing aesthetic related subjects led by founder Anna Sottile, MD. As an expert physician, she dispenses the proper knowledge on health and beauty to our expanding community.  

As AMIM staffers we arrived at the final week of Collagen Induction Therapy, and include our last findings on this beneficial treatment.  What did we learn as patients coming out of the chair one last time? How long did our skin remain pink?  Our fourth week of participation does not stop our candidness, we are about to find out!

image by Artonique

Week Four

Same method was repeated on each person, do note that CIT was individually tailored depending on the skin.  AMIM staffers had identical stages stated in the listed steps below, but their original outlooks are their own.

Appropriately chosen bayonet number (needles size), skin suitable to the person, was fitted by Dr. Anna Sottile.  Make-up/product free clean faces are what is represented as the “before” pictures.

Prep Steps:

  1. Rose Water Cleaning

  2. Accurate Photography

Process Steps:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid

  2. Oscillation 0, work up to 1

  3. Stroking of the pen, following the natural curves of the face

  4. Oscillation 0, work up to 1

  5. Stroking of the pen, following the natural curves of the face

After Steps:

  1. Goal to achieve overall pink uniformity

  2. Follow up with products: Vitamin C Cream and sealed with Liquid Silk

AMIM Staff Bios:


Title: Social Media Manager

Age: 31

Skin Type: Sensitive

Skin Color: Medium

Skin Recovery Time: 1 hour or less

Believer: Hesitant until proven, then loyal

This week I was so excited to do my fourth and final treatment of CIT (and even more excited to see the results!) Ever since we started a few weeks ago, everytime I have looked in the mirror I can see the difference in my skin. My pores are looking smaller, the lines by my mouth and on my neck look less visible, and my skin is glowing. Also my scars are getting smaller! I love that I am doing something for my skin that is promoting growth of collagen and in a natural way. CIT will absolutely now be a permanent fixture in my yearly health routine. Also, an unexpected benefit I have experienced: I'm now more aware of my skin, when it's talking to me (telling me it's dry or sensitive) and I'm taking care of it better. I care more about my skin now. CIT has been an investment for my skin and I now realize that I have been beating it up before. I go to the gym to workout my muscles, I eat healthy to live a healthy life. Why wasn't I viewing my skin as needing just as much attention and care? Now CIT will be my ‘workout’ for my skin, in addition to a daily hydration + SPF routine.”


Title: Content Director

Age: 46

Skin Type: Normal/Combination

Skin Special: Asian

Skin Color: Tan

Skin Recovery Time: 2-3 hours

Believer: Skeptical, bordering on Non-Believer

“If I were a student to receive a beauty report card from Dr. Anna, it would be an A+ !  Reliable changes and exceptional results these past weeks has affirmed to me the real value of Collagen Induction Therapy.  

Initially it is the misconceptions of CIT that made me a Non-Believer: my face would hurt since the process is so painful, and the after effects would leave my face irritable and red. What I value as a busy working woman is time and efficiency, let me be the first to knock down these myths.  First addressing the non-existent pain: at the most, the technique of the fluid motions created a gliding pressure over my entire face!  Usually a nervous patient, if the session lasted longer than 20 minutes, I would have fallen asleep.  Second regarding the appearance of the skin: since the pores are still open (yay, the treatment is working), my slight shade of pink skin already started fading back to normal after a little over three hours.  I was able to proceed with the rest of my day, absolutely feeling no irritability.  Of course as with any patient you are responsible for post treatment, so liberally apply that Vitamin C cream hourly and you are good to go! 

Since Collagen Induction Therapy, I have been making an extra effort to go days without make-up.  A self-proclaimed beauty addict, my yearly budget on both skin products and cosmetics add up to less than the cost of CIT, which is the far better investment.  On Zoom my family has only complimented my dewy skin, and if my skin could talk it would confidently say, ‘Thank you, I do indeed own my Universal Glow!’  For the price of my beloved cup of coffee a day, to not only prevent BUT maintain my 40s skin, CIT has made me a converter!” 

Who is the best recipient for Collagen Induction Therapy? 

Take the AMIM CIT End of “Summery” Survey

What are you interested in:

  1. Health

  2. Fitness

  3. An organic lifestyle

  4. All of the above

Preventative Routine Skin Care:

  1. Is healthy skin important to you?  Yes/No

  2. Age box 20-29 

  3. Age box 30-39

Maintenance Routine Skin Care: 

  1. Is keeping your skin healthy important to you? Yes/No

  2. Age box 40-49?  

  3. Age box 50 + ?

Which group do you belong to, or perhaps it is a combination?  Clearly you fall into one of these three categories.  Since we only have one skin and it is our responsibility to protect and maintain it!  Basically there is no reason NOT to consistently incorporate CIT into your yearly skin routine, a health habit that benefits EVERYBODY!

A busy working professional?  No problem, no downtime!  

Too costly?  Equivalent to a latte a day!

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