• Anna Sottile, MD

4 series, real people, our own staffers?

Aesthetic Medicine Institute of Miami (AMIM) spotlights new health and beauty topics weekly in our blog: Real Talk!  Discussions are led by Anna Sottile, MD, our medical expert who sets apart the beauty truths vs. beauty myths.  Real Talk is a forum that both educates and informs, exposing all the health facts that matter back to the community!

We are excited to have you join us as we start a 4 part series on AMIM Micro-Rejuvenation (AM)--for the first time our very own staffers have become the patients, and relay their personal journeys.  Based on in house treatments, our AMIM team is going to do all the beauty research so we can field your curiosity...Does it hurt?  How red does your face get?  Come find out as our diversified team recently experienced AMIM Micro-Rejuvenation and describes the effects of this necessary treatment one week at a time!

AMIM Micro-Rejuvenation is a treatment where the brush consists of micro thin retractable needles that are strong enough to penetrate the skin surface, but due to their oscillation the impact affects the skin layer!  Since AMIM Micro-Rejuvenation produces the least amount of trauma with the highest amount of stimulation, it is absolutely safe for everyone regardless of age, skin type, and skin tone. 

Week one are you ready?

Initially for this first week, the process of AM was uniform with the entire AMIM team, but dependent on the skin, it is essentially tailored to the individual person.  The descriptions of their views may vary due to their experience, but all three staffers had the exact same general process and steps outlined below.  Depending on the skin of the individual, the pen was fitted with a different bayonet number (needles size).  Before pictures were taken only with clean faces, meaning individuals were sure all product/make-up was removed from the face before the beginning of the actual treatment. 

Steps of Prep:

  1. Rose Water Cleaning

  2. Accurate Photography

Steps of Process 

  1. Hyaluronic Acid

  2. Oscillation 0, work up to 1

  3. Stroking of the pen, following the natural curves of the face

Steps After 

  1. Goal to achieve overall pink uniformity

  2. Follow up with products: Vitamin C Cream and sealed with Liquid Silk

AMIM Staff Bios:


Title: Office Manager

Age: 31

Skin Type: Sensitive

Skin Color: Medium

Believer: Hesitant until proven, then loyal

“After the treatment, I couldn’t believe how much my skin was speaking to me. It was letting me know that there is more sun damage than I knew before, and it was very thirsty. Once I put on the Vitamin C treatment, it was as if before everything I was putting on my face was caking on top of each other. Now my skin was absorbing the product, and for the first time in forever I could feel good.”


Title: Marketing & Social Media Manager

Age: 23

Skin Type: Sensitive & Acne Prone

Skin Special: Dermatitis

Skin Color: Light

Believer: Skeptical until proven with results

“In the past, I have seen estheticians or been to med-spas where I have received  ‘similar’ treatments to ‘microneedling’ i.e. hydra-facial. So, going into this I thought I had an idea of what to expect.  The AMIM Micro-Rejuvenation approach to microneedling and Dr. Anna’s finesse proved me otherwise. This treatment and the results is like none other I have received before. 

The thing that sets this treatment apart, based on my personal skin journey so far, is the feeling of an instant ‘reset’ to the skin. Afterwards my skin feels awake, refreshed and reprogrammed. It feels like the healing process is activated whether it be my dermatitis or breakouts (though Dr. Anna doesn’t go directly over active breakouts, they still look SO much better afterwards.) 

I have acne-prone/sensitive, and because of Covid-19, I have been suffering dermatitis around my nose and breakouts around my chin and nose from working out in a mask and make-up. Walking around Miami all day in a hot mask has NOT agreed with my skin!!