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Thanks for asking a question that is pressing on most of our minds, AMIM is different and takes pride in educating, and it is where the high skills of art and science merge. Each one of one of our services is sure to meet your desired transformative results.  We believe that the solid base is the knowledge of the facial and body anatomy, especially paramount is the vascular and neurological anatomy.  To top it all off, a keen artistic sense is indispensable.  Of course, both components need to be very strong to achieve a great result! 

We have the real answer.

Let us unveil the secrets to being that informed consumer, and share the guidelines of what a consumer should know.

Since our minds are constantly bombarded with new information about everything,  AMIM would like to function as your filter of all that which includes the informational field of Aesthetic Medicine.  Therefore, we put our years of Medical experience to good use to separate the good from the bad, the risky from the safe, the gimmicks from the worthy ones.  

Our creed is simple: inspired by the medical model, we are keen on our vigilance to all of the various new techniques, products, etc. and thoroughly study those that satisfy our three medicine regulated criteria.  Unlike cosmetology, we recreate the same medical laws. Rest assured that what we choose to adopt has satisfy our three medicine regulated criteria:

  1. Produce undeniable medical results: Does it work?

  2. Be safe: Is the procedure/treatment safe?

  3. Be cost effective: Does the results last long enough to warrant the cost?

How is this translated in the AMIM practice? 

Desired ---> effect 

Action first.

What are you waiting for?  Take the first action, come in for your complimentary consultation!

Keeping healthy and beautiful is safe and well overdue, and it all starts with a complimentary AMIM consultation.  Go ahead and text us 305.807.3133, AMIM is here to meet all your beauty needs!

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