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“I can do this thanks to HER, so now I do in HER name.” Anna Sottile, MD

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg, A Beloved Tribute

How can we pay respect and commemorate the life of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg?  At AMIM, we do it the only way we know how:  with the utmost sincerity, from the very bottom of our heart.  Simply because with her innate ability to connect with others she touched the hearts of everyone.  We acknowledge Ruth Bader Ginsburg as an advocate for justice, a pioneer, and a mother--her most accurate portrayal, a compassionate amazing woman who transcends generations.

Despite her difficulties as a woman who attended Ivy League schools, it did not stop as it was difficult to obtain work for the same reason, due to being a woman.  This real issue still directly affects women with equality today.  We can only attest to her character that stirred up an unsurpassable amount of revolution which spans the past, present and future.  Her signature jabot symbolizes resilience, and we will fondly reflect on Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a compassionate woman with the biggest of heart.

Although the Notorious R.B.G was soft spoken, her messages were loud and clearly heard by the people.  Since her intentions were transparent, the impact of her words evoke empathy.  Accordingly there were consequences for her being and actions, but her quiet approach was with a silent confidence.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg is proof that something so small can be so powerful.  Small in stature, large in morals. 

How quickly we forget that the times were not always like the present, it was not even possible for women to buy, let alone own, their home.  The Notorious R.B.G dedication and perseverance broke barriers with her non-confrontational manner accomplishing things one calculated step at a time.  With her relentless pursuits we will forever attribute Ruth Bader Ginsburg made everything possible, as we are all here because of her. 

From her very last exchanged words, she never stopped pursuing justice, what is right for both genders.  Earning her name the Notorious R.B.G, she always persisted in furthering women.  AMIM is humbled and we not only recognize, but admire, her life’s work as an exceptional justice, and role as a mother.  Attentive to the needs of her family and women, attentive to the needs of ALL.

Thanks to Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her memorable qualities, we praise her for setting such a high bar that inspires women everywhere to be their absolute best.  Overall a trailblazer that carved a path by breaking down obstacles, this is the true essence of her spirit, and the best way here at AMIM we know to express our tribute.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her limitless outpour of persistence will be remembered as a pillar of strength.  May her soul eternally rest in peace, but her spirituality defines logic and lives on to transcend many forthcoming generations.

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