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A COVID Story of Determination: One Woman, an Inspiration to ALL

How much does AMIM LOVE our exceptional patients? So much that we are spotlighting them in a series, without our patients there is no AMIM! Follow us as we feature their personal story, our first introductory AMIM patient is the story of Lerena*

Can you imagine making the commitment even through a global pandemic? Lerena's story is about perseverance, despite the COVID-19 times. Lerena had realistic expectations, she had to commit to a regimen of a healthier diet and collaborating with her physical trainer. Lerena knew that even after completion of the cryolipolysis procedure, the hard work would only begin…Lerena is no victim, makes no excuses, and is aware that SHE is the shift. In the end everything would be up to her, she is the driving agent in control of her life. Lerena opted to make a decision to turn her life around during the year of COVID, and the road to obtaining her goal is continuous maintenance. The thought of cancelation did not even cross her mind, no matter the obstacle, not even during a pandemic!

It was early February 2020 and though Covid was in the news, it's soon to be impact was not yet something most people were imagining or worrying about in the world. Lerena had been working out for a while but just couldn’t seem to shift the excess fat in her mid-section, being over 50 was not making it any easier. Of the various techniques, Lerena found out about CoolSculpting® and researched to find Dr. Anna, a medical doctor who was an expert in the procedure. Every review mentioned how Dr. Anna was caring and supportive, AMIM was the place she chose for cryolipolysis, so she booked an appointment for late March.

It is March 2020, the year of COVID-19. All International flights were suspended until further notice...Miami was not open, there was no traveling as all flights were banned due to the pandemic. Needless to say Lerena was disappointed as COVID did its thing and the airport in Turks and Caicos closed a few days before she was scheduled for her appointment.

Fast forward to October 2020, eventually the airport reopened as Lerena and her supportive husband were on a direct flight from Turks and Caicos to Miami. Although excited to do the procedure with the only doctor in south Florida that performs the CoolSculpting® procedure, this was just the start of the challenging journey...Destination AMIM, conviction unstoppable!

November 2020 arrived, and most important is that she is seeing the results! It has been one month in and it is quite noticeable. Lerena is confident and has at least two more months of results to look forward to in the upcoming 2021 year. Lerena also knows full well that what she gets out of it is up to her, she has to keep up with her workout and to cut some calories to get the best possible results. Small steps, large growth. Lerena knows she can’t back slide and thinks she won’t just go back to where she was. Lerena knows it is up to her to obtain her goal, and to do her part after Dr. Anna has done hers, and although she knows it is help, not a panacea.

AMIM is proud of Lerena, not only proud to have her as a client, we are proud of HER. We admire her story, her commitment, her determination.

*The story is real, but the name is fictitious to ensure privacy of all AMIM clients.

Come visit AMIM, your source for all health and beauty!

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