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The extraordinary Serum

The extraordinary serum is a powerful hydrating sealer made from the purest, all-natural ingredients. One drop is enough to extend it evenly to the whole face and neck. It leaves the skin perfectly silky and glowing without a residue. Once you start on your face and neck you are likely to use it everywhere else. 

Because it just feels that good!

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Highly Potent

Designed with

our patients in mind, we needed a hydrating agent

that would be absorbed both fast and well.

Regular hydrating agents

leave a residue. 

Our is residue is free-moisturizing without making you feel wet or sticky.

So you can use

your phone and not leave marks, shake a hand and not feel wet,

and not worry

about stains on your clothes. Ultra Hydrating Booster was designed to be clear, cool, soothing, absorbs super fast with no sticky skin. When applied it feels amazing.

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Pure Oil extract

Infuses skin with rich,

pure oil extracts

that produces a

healthy glow to the skin.

This unique formulation

seals in moisture

while allowing your skin to breathe essential oxygen.

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Botanical Essential Oils

Contenting eleven 100% botanical essential oils and extracts that cleanse, condition, invigorate, and revitalize the most sensitive skin.

The antioxidant 

components also help

your skin guard against environmental

stressors like free radicals,

sun damage,

and the effects of premature aging. 

Your skin will love you for it!

SPA 44
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Botanical Essential Oils

HA Physical Tint SPF 44

is a water resistant,

physical sunscreen that

features a moisturizing base with a sheer, universal

tint beneficial for 

most skin types.

Formulated as a 

chemical-free alternative

to sun protection.

HA Physical Tint SPF 44

is a great option 

for even the most

sensitive skin types.


Save Coral Reefs!

Hydrating creme not only contains the most stable forms of Vitamin C, but also incorporates other powerful antioxidants to help protect skin from aging effects of free radicals. Especially beneficial for a firm more even tone complexion.

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Save Coral Reefs!

Exceptional golden serum penetrates the skin to deliver a megadose of potent antioxidants and Green Tea Extracts to help combat the effects of free radicals, the aging process, sun damage and pollution. Ceramides help to improve hydration. 

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Beautiful Women


Naturally derivate, dermatologist-tested, paraben-free, sulphate-free, not animal tested and coral reef friendly.

The AMIM product line was created, frankly, because it was needed. In today's market, few products pass dermatologic tests for effectiveness, are environmentally sound, and have the right destiny and absorption rate.

In the never-ending struggle to protect our skin against the effects of the elements and aging, AMIM products are our best first defense. They seal and protect your skin's moisture, remove impurities from your pores, gently exfoliate, and give more potent defense on days we welcome the sun onto our skin.

AMIM'S formulation philosophy: 

Our products are naturally derivative, dermatologist tested, paragon-free, sulfate-free, not animal tested, and are coral reef friendly

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