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Healthy, beautiful, skin is achievable even when faced against age and the elements. AMIM’s gentle and powerful procedures can bring new vitality and glow to your own skin


A long time ago it was discovered that the body will repair itself to near perfection from a mild injury. After a few days, you can often not see an old injury. What a wonderful thing! Trauma stimulate cell growth. So what’s the minimal amount of localized “trauma” needed to stimulate corrective growth? Microscopic hair size needles work! That’s microneedling.

Microneedling is actually a series of simple treatments, at specific intervals, that are valuable at undoing the cumulative effects of age and sun. It can reduce pore size, hyperpigmentation, as well as reducing the appearance of acne scars. The results is an amazing, healthy-looking glow!

The result is so striking to many people, that it has earned the nickname “the Benjamin Button effect.”

Treatments are about thirty minutes per area, with visual changes begin to occur within 24 hours. The changes improve for up to five weeks. Updates are needed annually.

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The non-surgical Fibroblast Skin Tightening treatment is a potent skin rejuvenation tool. As mentioned in Microneedling, science has long established that a small amount of localized trauma is at the base of the healing process. It initiates skin recovery to its original (and youthful state).

The “Revolution”

Through micro-points of mild skin trauma Fibroblast Induces rejuvenative healing—repairing itself to its original, often healthier form.

Many treatments used in both general and aesthetic medicine are aimed at rejuvenation using this concept—some through chemical means (like chemical peels), some through physical force (microneedling), and some through light, temperature, or electricity. Fibroblast uses a tiny spark, called an “arc”, to induce the desired effect. The excess skin then evaporates, contracting the local tissue. The trauma causes collagen production—allowing one to regain smoother, younger looking skin.

Fibroblast is a coagulation inducing device is a regular part of medicine, and has been for decades. But its use in Aesthetic medicine is new and revolutionary. It sublimates (melts) excess skin to reduce sagginess and contracts the skin around by retoring elasticility to it.

In the past this effect would have required full-blown surgery. Unlike surgery, Fibroblast is cost-effective, doesn’t require anesthesia (except a topical cream), requires less recovery time, and has no downtime (other than post-procedure instruction), is long lasting, leaves no scars, and is cost effective.

Few companies have manufactured a device that seems so destined to make (more than) a dent in our industry. But this one is. The device Sublimates (melts away) excess skin to alleviate the saggy look by contracting the skin and correcting the sagginess.

Areas Fibroblast works well in:

  • Eyelid
  • Neck
  • Upper lip wrinkles
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars
  • Wrinkles

Other benefits include:

  • No anesthesia
  • No surgery (“cutting skin with a scalpel”)
  • Minimal downtime
  • No scars
  • Long-lasting results
  • Relatively inexpensive

The length of the treatment is just one to five hours, depending on treated area size. Visual changes will appear in two to five months with long-lasting results. Results and experience vary from person to person.

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