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Our skin suffers from time and the elements, causing elasticity loss, sagging, volume changes,and/or dullness. But, through the right procedures, corrective measures can be taken.

Lines & Wrinkles

In trained hands, the use of Botox®️, Dysport®️, Xeomin®️ and Jeuveau®️ (neurotoxins) is highly effective in reducing the appearance of “worry lines” and “wrinkles”. Masterful use of these powerful products can be key in your goal of facial rejuvenation. At AMIM we aim at reaching the sweet point of maximizing facial freshness without affecting expression.
Actors are appreciated for their unique ability to connect to us through facial expression (and body expression, too). In other words, an expressive face is beautiful, while stone faces are considered less attractive.
Some of the products we administer:
Appointments for these products generally run 30-60 minutes. You should see full results in 7-10 days and they should last for up to three months.


The visible signs of aging are caused by the unavoidable process of losing volume under our skin. So another form of facial rejuvenation is “fillers” (aka “derma fillers”).

These injectables (hyaluronic acid collagens) are strategically targeted to specific areas. They produce a younger look in a minimal amount of time and with minimal downtime. To administer them effectively the practitioner must have a broad and deep knowledge of each product. We see these as a deep collection of tools—like a painter with a wide assortment of brushes—and we pride ourselves in a thorough understanding of our craft. With our “Liquid face lift“ technique we can achieve amazing and natural looking results in a very short time and with a lasting effect.

Derma fillers we use include:

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Aesthetic Medicine Institute of Miami works tirelessly to restore trust in the patient/client relationship in aesthetic medicine. Into AMIM Dr. Anna Sottile has instilled her vision of client-centric services for better overall health and rejuvenation services, in a safe, professional, and discreet manner.

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