Pain, I Hate You, But I Need You!

Pain, I Hate You, But I Need You!

I argue that emotional pain is what makes us grow.


At the moment, we hate it, of course. But pain has ‘another side, the one that is harder to see, the byproduct of it, and that part is the “miracle grow” of our inner strength.


I think I argue with God quite often, kind of saying something like: “I got it, God, you can ease up a little now,” but hey, apparently God doesn’t need my suggestions and may have a different opinion.


When we spoil a kid, we do a disservice, because we shield him/her from pain. And when that child, as a young adult is released into society he/she will most likely be less equipped to deal with pain or difficulties. Buddha /Siddhartha tried hard to avoid suffering and look where he got with that idea: first noble truth, in life there is suffering.


This pandemic has spread itself together with pain all over the world. But somehow it may start to be seen as a means to regain some of the humility we have lost somewhere down the path. Yes, I feel we are growing and evolving as human beings because we are staying still and taking it, we’re having to deal with it, to acknowledge it.

We are all taking in it. We’re not running away, we are wisely embracing it. Maybe for now in a form of avoiding infection, but only until a controlled way of immunity is available.


We are wisely dealing with it.


Everywhere and all over the globe, we are doing it. And that is a sign of growth.



Yours in beauty and good health,

Dr. Anna

Who Decides What Beauty Is?

Who Decides What Beauty Is?

OK, so who’s in charge of deciding what’s beautiful and what’s not?

It would appear that the answer would be something like “the trend du jour,” or the fashion of the day.
But is it really? I politely disagree.

My medical career started in the neurophysiology lab, where I discovered all kinds of fascinating mind-blowing facts about the human brain, how it connects, processes information, and how our incredible nervous system, through our senses, responds to external stimuli. Beauty is among those.

The argument I like to make, stems from the fact that the human brain has dozens of areas highly involved in the RECOGNITION of beauty and all these areas are extremely connected with other areas in charge of creating EMOTIONS.

What I am saying is that it’s the human brain, not the current fashion, that is highly invested in the recognition of beauty.

But this recognition is so primordially important to our lives that it’s the trigger for very strong emotions such as “I want more of this” or “I feel so motivated by that.”

So, what could this hidden message be that’s contained in the sense of beauty? I suggest that at the core lies a mighty sense of health. Health at its peak, pure health!

Why, you might ask? Well, because the recognition of health is “good” for our existence. Why would our brain respond to a beautiful peach, for example? It’s because our brain wants to be attracted to what is good for us; and what is good for us is (or should be) healthy.

The trends of fashion have very little to do with health, or with the sense of beauty that resists and persists the passing of time. Brains of today, of hundreds of years ago, or even millennium old would have responded to beauty similarly to our brains of today.

So yes, the reason is much deeper, much timeless than fashion, style, look, or what’s in vogue.

The reason is that beauty is an expression of health, that derives from health. And yes, the decider of what beauty is, is our brain, with its many different parts integrated with others to recognize it and respond to it with the highest inspiring emotions.

Beauty, in all its different aspects, meaning visual beauty, acoustic beauty, as well as tactile beauty. Our brain always associates it with the release of substances that are ‘good for us.” Maybe they function as motivators, maybe as relaxants, but always affecting us in a positive way.

Beauty has been the muse of artists everywhere in the world since humanity first appeared on our planet.

Beauty has motivated plenty of vital situations, like wars and peace treaties. Beauty has united and divided, always with a full participation of our hearts.

From the ten-year war fought for Helen of Troy, to our beauty pageant competitions. Or from the desire to stare, if only for a few fleeting moments in front of the “Mona Lisa,” to the view of the Pyramids of Giza.

Maybe looking deeply at the details of an orchid, following intently the endless expressions of a newborn baby, or other type of “babies,” like a puppy or a kitten.

every time we stare at something and we JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH!

Every time we get enchanted by something we watch, something we listen to, or feel, we have been activated by our brain, and precisely our neuroaesthetic brain.

And so, my beauty sculptors, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And we are the ones who behold it!

Yours in good health and beauty,



Dr. Anna
The Beauty Sculptor