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That need for a closer client-patient relationship is what influenced us to create Aesthetic Medicine Institute of Miami. It’s all about you.

The Concept

Early on Lead Physician and Founder of AMIM, Anna Sottile, realized that there is a major difference between mainstream medical practitioners and typical aesthetics medicine practitioners. Things like long waits, limited face-to-face time with the physician, work performed in large part by assistants, and more—often with a minimal understanding of the go-forward plan. It became apparent that this needed to change.
In Dr. Sottile’s aesthetic medicine Institute of Miami, the client will always come first.


  • All consultations are with the physician, and the physician allocates more time to each client
  • A physician personally tailors all treatments to each patient
  • Clients almost never wait beyond their scheduled appointment (no double-bookings)
  • Creates plans for all clients, allowing them to set and achieve goals together
  • Includes lifestyle (like exercise and diet) into all plans
  • Promotes hydration and skin moisture as a rejuvenating factor
  • Promotes healthy levels of sun exposure
  • Complimentary follow-ups are required for all patients (to review outcomes and know the client is satisfied)
  • She became a diplomat of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine to better help and direct the industry


Aesthetic Medicine Institute of Miami has a simple mission: restore trust between patient and client in aesthetic medicine. We remove sales talk, use the latest clinically-proven technologies that are safe and cost effective, and respect your time and effort.
By creating a plan that combines our services with your own lifestyle (including diet, exercise, and skin care ) we tailor a program to improve your personal aesthetics and overall life. It’s a partnership for you. And approach is the same whether you are looking for a dramatic change or a gradual turnaround—an unlimited desire to over deliver.

Dr. Anna Sottile

With over 30 years of medical experience, The Italian born Dr. Anna Sottile gives Aesthetic Medicine Institute of Miami, facial Injectables and body contouring and skin line. She also discovers or develops new treatments and products (like Fibroblast) to meet client needs. She is an expert in all of the leading injectables and neurotoxins (“Botox”), hyaluronic acid (“fillers”), and body countering (Coolsculpting), and pain management.

Dr. Sottile has extensive training and experience in facial and body anatomy from medical centers of leading universities in the world including Brown University, and Harvard. She is also a published author and has been named “Best Doctor” by “Better Living Magazine“, “Top Doctors”, in Peer Reviews and “America’’s Top Physicians “ by the “Consumer Research Council.”


Dr. Anna Sottile is tops! Very professional, highly skilled, sensitive to minimizing pain, and most important, terrific results.
Best Cosmetic Doctor in Miami Dr. Anna Sottile is the best kept secret you can find!!! Amazing techniques that truly are age defying, painless, and bruise less. The staff is so warm and friendly.
Karen w. says: Karen’s a real pro and goes the extra mile to give the best possible facial. And so, relaxing. Plus, she does it all with TLC. Also, loved the job done on me with Botox and anti-aging injectable by Dr. Anna Sottile. It was like a liquid facelift!
Botox Treatment! Dr. Anna is very professional she explains everything to you in detail and it’s very, very, gentle. Can’t wait to see the results so far looks great! Super recommend her for Botox!
Dr. Sottile is the best at what she does! Trust her artisan touch, you will walk away beyond pleased! Her level of time and patience is like no other physician I have ever been to for aesthetic treatment. She was amazing with my injectables and cool sculpting.
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Aesthetic Medicine Institute of Miami works tirelessly to restore trust in the patient/client relationship in aesthetic medicine. Into AMIM Dr. Anna Sottile has instilled her vision of client-centric services for better overall health and rejuvenation services, in a safe, professional, and discreet manner.

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