Dr. Anna Sottile is the founder of the Aesthetic Medicine Institute of Miami, a practice that focuses on skin rejuvenation, facial Injectables and body contouring. She brings to her practice over 30 years of medical experience encompassing all leading injectables and neurotoxins ( better known as “ Botox”) hyaluronic acid ( known as “ fillers”), and body countering ( as Coolsculpting), as well as pain management.

The Italian born Dr. Sottile has extensive training and experience in facial and body anatomy from medical centers of leading universities in the world including Brown University, and Harvard. All treatments are individually tailored to the patient by the doctor personally. She offers greater care and more time to her clients than other medical practices, to ensure the best possible results.  She insists upon a complimentary follow up appointment with all of her patients, to review the outcomes of her work and their satisfaction after the treatment.

Dr. Sottile is a published author and has been named “ Best Doctor” by “Better Living Magazine “, “Top Doctors”, in Peer Reviews and “ America’ s Top Physicians “ by “ Consumer Research Council”.

Our Story

After spending decades in the operating room, we noticed a gap between our training in mainstream medicine and the more “ business-like” aesthetic medical field. For example: clients being seen nearly an hour after their scheduled time, and finally meeting with an assistant; perhaps enjoying only a few minutes of face to face time with the actual physician. With no explanation or participation in the execution of the plan. We saw many different big and not so big ways to improve the overall style, and consequently  took matters it into our own hands. After a couple years of hard study Dr. Sottile became a diplomat of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and was able to integrate several decades of hard won knowledge to give her patients the most desirable outcomes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore TRUST between patient/client and doctor in the aesthetic medicine field. We choose to offer value by removing noise and nonsensical sales bluster by presenting clinically proven,  cutting edge technologies that are safe and cost effective. We realize that, in this field, “cost-effectiveness” most often comes in the form of saving time or providing more lasting solutions. Our clients no longer choose to heed the advice of random internet offerings foisted upon them by celebrities and social “influencers.”  We are solution and safety focused.

Our philosophy is client-centric. We form a partnership with our clients when co-creating a new vision for how they choose to look and feel. Obtaining a fresher look without anyone becoming the wiser, or aesthetic improvements meant to turn heads without breaking the bank, together we get the job done!

Our toolbox is extra full with all kinds of suggestions, ideas, techniques and moreover: unlimited desire to over deliver.

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